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Looking for government grant.

asked 2017-06-16 10:50:10 -0700

updated 2017-06-19 20:51:48 -0700

Cynthia gravatar image

I was told I have a grant issued to me by the federal government for helping me with bills or what ever I needed. Non repayable. Looking for government grant. Is this real?

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answered 2017-06-19 15:30:39 -0700

Joe gravatar image

First: DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION -- this is a scam!! The government NEVER contacts people in this way about grants, but those who want to steal your money do. This is unfortunately a very common occurrence these days. Please do not provide any fees or information about your bank accounts or credit cards -- you will never see that money again and you will never receive a grant. So sorry. Please take a look at this article about free money phone call scams to protect yourself in the future! It has recently been updated with information about a new technique the scammers use, very nasty!

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