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How can I get a grant for rent and bills?

asked 2016-09-04 23:27:00 -0700

Bonturner2016 gravatar image

updated 2016-09-06 14:04:59 -0700

Charles gravatar image

My rent is $544 month.  I owe $140 on my electric bill. Gas is overdue.  How can I get a Grant for rent and bills? Rent is due now and I received a 15 day notice on electricity  bill.

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answered 2016-09-06 14:09:03 -0700

Daniel gravatar image

The first thing I would recommend you to is to contact your utility. Explain your situation and see if they can put you on some sort of special plan --- most utilities have ways they help folks having trouble with their bill.

To figure out how to get more money in your life to handle your obligations take a look at this article about Grants to Pay Bills. There aren't actual "grants" for this purpose but they offer some good suggestions for getting help and more income.

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