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Are there government grants for disabled seniors?

asked 2017-08-26 10:21:29 -0700

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updated 2017-08-28 21:09:32 -0700

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I am a disabled senior citizen and I am looking for the best government home grant to acquire a property/home with.  My disabilities are at the 100% level and though I have some mobility, it is fleeing as I grow older.  I have found a property in the area I rent in which with some adaptations would be perfect.  The property is located at ???, Delmar DE.  The property was reposessed by Wells Fargo Bank, after the last owner gave up their mortgage and had criminal charges brought against them.  What Government Grant would suit me best? Are there government grants for disabled seniors?

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answered 2017-09-05 09:04:57 -0700

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While I don't know of a grant you can easily get for a house there are several programs that can help you. First check out this article about Grants for Seniors, and in particular note the Housing section. Also look for the nearest Aging and Disability Resource Center. They offer services for seniors and for people with disabilities. You could also find hep at a local Center for Independent Living.

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