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About USA Grants was established in 2014 as part of an agenda to provide better communication between grant makers and grant applicants. Managed by a staff of professionals and experts in grant writing, is an initiative operating under the governance of community members.

With community member and staff support, a system was chartered to provide a consolidated question and answer location for grant seekers to ask and answer grant related questions about funding opportunities. Today, the system is in its first year of operation and is working to foster a community presence.

Our Mission

Provide a common website for people and agencies to ask and answer questions about grants, scholarships, assistance, and financial aid.

Benefits of Using

Using the system makes it faster, easier and more effective for grant providers to interact with grant seekers in a public forum. We hope to provide the following benefits to the grant community.

Helping the Grant Community Discover Opportunities

  • With on open door to more than ten thousand different grant programs across federal, state, and private agencies, more than $500 billion is awarded annually.
  • Standardizing the question and answer process in grant information for finding and applying for grants.

Facilitating Interaction Between Grant Makers and Applicants

  • Organizing the grants process by reducing the overhead to share information in the complex processes to find and apply for grants.
  • Communicating updates in a timely manner to maintain an open dialogue in the grants process.

Making it Easier to Research Opportunities

  • Providing grant opportunity research with powerful search features: from a simple keyword search to advanced filters by title, topic, and user.
  • Sending grant opportunities and updates directly to users, through a system of topic and question following.

Providing a Secure and Reliable Source for Grants

  • Leveraging a point-based reputation system based on community participation.
  • Allowing participation in the grants process only to authenticated users.
  • Maintaining website stability and security through Secure Sockety Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all communication over the internet.