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Are there free government grants for home repair in Arizona?

asked 2017-04-23 00:27:21 -0800

updated 2017-04-24 20:45:41 -0800

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Our home is in need of some big repairs; like rebuilding the out wall that separates us from the public. We were made to take it down because it was leaning and the bathroom sink, cabinet, bathtub, and faucets need to be replaced. The kitchen sink and cabinets inside and out all need painting. Finally, the flooring needs done and all we have is cconcrete. 90% of this damage was done because of a water problem but we have since taken care of it. But we just can't afford the repairs because of how high it cost. Are there free government grants for home repair in Arizona?

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answered 2017-05-03 15:11:11 -0800

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The Arizona Department of Housing does run an emergency repairs program through local government agencies and non-profit organization. Please contact your local Housing Agency to get more information as sounds like you would qualify. If you don’t know how to find your local agency call the Department’s main number at 602-771-1000.  

You should also check out this article about Home Improvement Grants as you might qualify for the USDA grant if where you live is at all rural.

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