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I am female, age 55. I would like a home improvement grant.

asked 2015-06-12 06:58:02 -0700

NEICEE59 gravatar image

updated 2015-06-19 16:42:15 -0700

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I am 55 and have been living in my home for 11 years. I have wanted to update my bathroom and kitchen. Where can I find a free grant to pay for home improvements?



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answered 2015-06-18 16:03:24 -0700

Susan gravatar image

Well Neicee59, that would be a dream come true for a lot of us!

Unfortunately, while there are many programs to help with home repairs, remodeling would need to be specifically required for your health and safety in order to qualify. Updating your home decor is not going to be covered by any grant or assistance programs that we know of.

However -- one option you should definitely check out while it's still around is the "Home Affordable" program called HARP.  This program lets you refinance your home at a very low rate, and it doesn't even matter if your mortgage is bigger than the value of your home --- you typcially don't even need an appraisal to get the new loan. The money you save with your new, lower payments can then be spent on the home improvements. You might even be able to take some cash out and include that in the new loan, especially since the remodel should increase the value of your home. Get help with the HARP program here and find out fast if you could qualify.

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