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Where can I get help for my great invention?

asked 2016-02-21 16:37:16 -0700

JAIME gravatar image

updated 2016-02-25 17:10:23 -0700

Ricky gravatar image

I don't have credit or collateral, but I do have a great invention. I am in the process of protecting my intellectual property with a patent.Right now i have a provisional patent application and I got a receive from the patent office last month.

I have made a market research; this research comes up positive and said that this invention can make tons of money. It may seem like a step ahead  by doing a market research but, at least i know i got a market, and so i continued with this project. I pay for the market research with my savings. I made a Drawing  and it was disclosed to a  closed door group of people with different type of questions. So this market research was a  private service.

Want to see if any one here can help me or knows how to get a grant.

Therefor a grant  will be used to make a prototype among otherexpenses.  I know who can do the prototype. or/and if I get stuck I know where to ask. I am from California . I am looking for some who can read between the lines and see that I have something to offer. Plus I'd like to meet in person to show what I got. You will need to sign an NDA.

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answered 2016-02-25 08:29:43 -0700

Daniel gravatar image

Sounds very intriguing Jaime, congratulations on your patent progress and on having the wisdom to do some market resesarch at the outset. I have a couple recommendations for you:

- You can get excellent (free) assistance, advice and mentoring from the Small Business Association. They have offices and business centers throughout the country. They would also be a group you could trust. Check out this review of the SBA and how best to find and use their expertise.

- You should also check out business "incubators" in California. There are many of them such as Y Combinator for example. They assess new business ideas and if you are accepted they provide funding and business smarts to help make you a success. Do a search for California business incubators and see what is near you.

- If your invention is something that a lot of people might gte excited about you could also try crowdfunding. That could win you some funding and also be a valuable way to test your idea with very little cost to you. Of course if you are trying to maintain secrecy you might want to wait until later to try this approach. At any rate you can learn more about crowdfunding here.

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