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Are there grants for emergency heating a home?

asked 2018-11-07 15:18:22 -0800

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updated 2018-11-12 17:06:10 -0800

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I am on low-income SSI.  I did not have gas last year, in 2017, to heat my home. I owe a gas bill connection of $506.00 now and I also have no gas, which to fill it up is a liitle over $500.  Is there any help so I can have heat for 2018 winter. Are there grants for emergency heating a home?

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answered 2018-12-11 11:25:24 -0800

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There is a program which is designed to help people in your situation.It's called the Low Income  Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). You can contact them by phone to learn more and see what help you can get at 202-401-9357.  You can also find more information about special services and programs in the article Grants for Seniors.

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