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I am disabled and I need grants for home repair.

asked 2016-10-18 06:18:14 -0800

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Our house needs joist replaced, and electrical updated, and our income does not even bring to pay for this. Can I at least apply for a grant for home repairs? We live on our S.S. and I work per diem. There is nothing left over. I am disabled and my husband and I need repairs on our house that we can not afford, can I at least apply for a grant? I am disabled and I need grants for home repair.

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answered 2016-10-18 10:39:08 -0800

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The only home improvement or repair "grants" that exist (to our knowledge) are offered by the Department of Agriculture. Qualifications include being 62 years old or more and living in specific rural areas. If you meet those qualifications you can find out how to pursue this type of grant either by going to the USDA website or by reading more information in an article called Grants for Home Repair. But be aware that neither of these sites will just present you with an application.

Also Please take a look at this review of the government site about support for the disabled and learn how best to use that site. It is updated daily and has excellent information for the disabled and their caregivers. It also allows you to find resources of many kinds right in your local area.


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