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Would they call you to tell you that you qualified for a grant?

asked 2016-07-08 09:42:19 -0700

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updated 2016-07-17 21:40:59 -0700

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I received a call about my qualifications for a grant. They told me to buy a voucher card and put a deposit down for $210 because I asked for it in cash. Would they call you to tell you that you qualified for a grant?

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answered 2016-07-16 17:42:27 -0700

Marie gravatar image

This was most certainly a fake call. The government DOES NOT call to tell you that you have qualified for a grant, and I don't know of any groups that do so, especially if you have not submitted an application. Most frequently these are scams and people are trying to get you to send money and/or get you to give them your personal information. Please NEVER give them such information, and do not send them any money thinking that you will receive a “grant.” It just doesn't happen that way. Important: read this quick article about Free Money Phone Call Scams so that you will not fall for one of these calls!

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