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I need help for a healthy home.

asked 2020-07-05 12:41:22 -0700

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updated 2020-07-21 21:55:10 -0700

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I am wanting to know if there are any programs that will help my family.  I am autoimmune compromised, severe asthma, and pernicious anemia.  Now we have covid 19 going around and I am forced to work from home since I am high risk. And to top that my job is telling me I may have to work in the public which doctor gave me a dr statement writing g me out of work indefinitely. I need my own home that is not wall to wall carpet with a heat pump or central air.  And some other things that will assist my health. Not looking for sympathy, as I have continued to  work through adversity.  My mother in law lives with my husband and me.  So we need no stairs for her.  Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated! I need help for a healthy home.

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answered 2020-07-27 16:34:37 -0700

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I highly recommend you study this article called Home Improvement Grants. It not only tells you about grants, it also details low cost loans and other means of special assistance.

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