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Can I get a grant to begin a trucking business?

asked 2016-01-20 06:28:29 -0700

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I had driven for 24 yrs. up to 8/17/1989, when another driver started his vehicle before I could get hold of the Safety Bar. The result was:  A serious & traumatic accident which caused me to retire at the age of 47.  Now after over 23 yrs. my doctors have given me the OK to return to driving a Commercial vehicle "Over the road".  As a veteran I believe that I am now ready to run my own business.

I would like to purchase two "Western Star - 5700XE" semi tractors [hiring one driver & driving the other one myself. I am going to a "Refresher driving school" [ J.T.L. -- A DOT...Certified Driving School ] due to the time that I've not driven.

A friend of mine is also going to purchase two of the same trucks & we would like to begin a small company.  These units would be leased to Hills Bro's Transportation Co. located in Omaha,NE.

As a Veteran,I believe that I have the will, the experience & knowledge to operate a small business.  I have two years of college.  In my 24 years on the road there weren't any tickets nor any accidents. The amount that I would need would approximately be in the range of $500,000.  This would be used to purchase 2 Units, as well as the Authority to run Interstate.

Up to 8/17/1989 I had driven over3,000,000 miles in 24 yrs., with out any tickets, or accidents.  Then another driver started up a tractor that I was atempting to dismount  from. I was unable to get hold of the Safety Bar....When I came to, I was 12' away from there the vehicle had been parked.

After 23 yrs. of operations, rehabilitation, my doctors have said that I can return to the work force. During those 24 yrs. I was a company driver.  Now, I would like to run my own business as an owner operator.

The tractor that I would like to purchase is the 2016 Western Star 5700XE, a 600 HP, Auto-matic transmission, capable og getting 9 mpg on the flat, and averaging between 7 to 8 in hills and mountains.  I have a job waitinf for me out of Omaha,NE & plan to lease with the Hills Bro's  Transportation Co.

Since I've not driven for some time, I will be going to the J.T.L. Driver...Certified Driver Training School on the 15 of Feb. through Mar. 11,2016

As a Veteran, I believe that after all of my experiences from 24 yrs. on the road, surviving yrs. of rehab., getting off of Methadone & Oxydone, , & having worked with people most of mylife, that I am well qualified to operate a small trucking company.

A friend of mine, also is going to purchase the same type of tractor, and together, we would like to form a small trucking company.  If possible, I would need enough  money to not only  purchase ... (more)

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answered 2016-01-20 14:30:52 -0700

Keith gravatar image

Wow, Wes, that sounds like a great plan and you certainly appear to have the experience to be able to pull it off with proper financing and guidance. I hope you have good credit because your best bet is probably going to be some sort of loan. But since you are a Veteran you should first explore what special support might be offered to help you get started. I would recommend you take a look at Grants for Veterans and also check with your local VA office to see what other resources they might know of. Also contact your nearest office of the Small Business Administration. They offer some great information and education to those wanting to start a business and they have some specific programs for vets.

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