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Are their grants to do necessary upgrades to the woman-owned children's family care business I run in my home?

asked 2015-02-11 21:17:32 -0800

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I own a Children's Family Care business in my home. We originally remodeled a two-car garage for this business. It requires important upgrades to meet the needs of special-needs kids and infants who are starting to crawl. It currently has a cement floor with thin carpeting I would like to replace with heated flooring. Some walls need insulation and we could use a drop ceiling. Thank you for your time and consideration. Are their grants to do necessary upgrades to the woman-owned famiy care center I run in my home? 



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answered 2015-02-16 15:46:50 -0800

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Thanks for your quesiton, Judy, I'm sure it's frustrating not to be able to provide the upgrades your business needs. The good news is you have customers, and that's an important step in finding additional funding.

Unfortunately you are very unlikely to find a grant available for your small business unless you enter some sort of contest or promotion going on in your area. It might be useful to do a search for small business grants in your city or county.

The federal Small Business Administration is a good place for small businesses to start, but your family care center might be too small to be on their radar. On their site they do address Childcare businesses specifically and provide a lot of detail about the types of insurance you need, the state and local licensing laws you must follow, and necessary compliance with laws related to those with disability. To receive any kind of grant or loan you will need to have all those issues addressed! 

For child care, home care or family care centers looking for financing, the SBA recommends the "Access Financing Wizard" available from You answer just a few questions about yourself and your business and it finds any government help available to you.  Be sure to note results that come up about "microloans", as those are what you would probably need. You may discover that they are more affordable than you expect. Also check out this article that discusses grants for women-owned business --- in particular read the section about Ambrer Grants. These are small grants awarded to women in business and the application is very informal.

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