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I am in need of finance to hire a patent attorney.

asked 2016-11-23 20:57:58 -0700

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Hi, I am a 57 year old black female on disability. I have been working on my invention idea since 2012. Today it is a prototype that is presently patent pending. I have not yet been able to afford a patent attorney and I am in need of three thousand dollars to get the prototype where I want it. It is a hot and coolant vest. Thank you for your assistance.

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answered 2016-11-30 08:42:14 -0700

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Wow, that sounds very intriguing, good for you!

I would definitely recommend that you contact the Small Business Association. Also check to see where their nearest Business Development Center is and so see them if possible. They not only help business people find loans and other funding, they also provide mentoring and advice. They also have a special focus on minority business development.

You might also be a good candidate for Crowdfunding. There a number of platforms out there that let you share your story and make it possible to receive contributions from other who want to support you. (If you do start a crowdfunding campaign be sure to let us know!). Learn more here about personal crowdfunding opportunities.

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