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Is there anything to this USA Government GRANT or is it a scam?

asked 2016-08-17 06:06:11 -0800

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updated 2016-08-22 09:32:33 -0800

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I recently got contacted by a friend who said she had won a $70,000 grant. She gave me the name of USA Goverment GRANT and I got them on the internet and I gave them some info on me and they took a little bit and come back saying I had been awarded a grant. I asked them how much and they give me the cost of the grant and said it was for FedEx delivery of the grant. I said I could come up with $500 and my friend said she would kick in $2000. They told me for $2500 my grant would be $50,000. Is this a scam or is it true people have actually won a grant and got the money?

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answered 2016-08-23 15:13:57 -0800

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terry this is a total scam, DO NOT give these people any money!! 

The government NEVER awards grants in this way and you should not give these folks any money or personal information. They will take the money and run. There are lots of these scams going on. Please read this article about free money scams and beware of any such come-on!

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