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How can I get my house that needs to be condemned rebuilt?

asked 2016-07-11 21:41:45 -0800

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I am a 62 year old widow with a Daughter that had a stroke two years ago.  I am on a very tight budget.  Accordingly per the government I am in the middle lower part of the proverty line.  I bought my house in 2007; I was not informed that this house was in a severe fire.  No lawyer would help me with this issue.  Time went by and now my house will either need to be condemned or rebuilt.  The roof leaks and there is rotted wood.  I have a four foot by a six foot area of the ceiling in my bedroom that is stained and buckled due to the roof leaks.  This has happened during the flooding rains last year.  My home owners insurance refused to repair any part of my house that has been damage due to the storm.  They claim that they do not cover storm damage. My house had floor joices cut away by the prior owner due to the fire. Due to the floor joices being cut away by the prior owner my floors are now sagging.  The support beam that goes from one corner to the other corner of the house to help support the ceiling is nothing but burnt wood threads with chunks of charcol wood.

My house is no longer level. There are areas in my house where the floor has come apart from the walls.  I have areas in the family room that the floors are rotted out completely from under the fire place and one of the built-in cabinets.  My house is no longer sitting leveled. My floors are all unleveled.  I had a contractor come out to my house to examine it to see if he would condemn it.  He stated to me just give me a call when you have the money to get the house rebuilt.  My house is unsafe to live in and I need to have my roof replaced to prevent any further damage.

I will never be able to get the money to rebuild my house.  I need help.  Either I have the house condemned to where I no longer need to make a mortgage payment and can move on or I may have to claim total bankruptsy.  If I did claim bankruptsy I would not be able to get any assistance with my situation.  Is there a phone number that I can call to get help? I am at wit's end as the expression goes.  Is there a web site called Safe

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answered 2016-07-17 13:03:20 -0800

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This is a very tough situation -- as you know!

Two suggestions:  one is to go and read this article about grants for home repair -- it covers all the places and programs I know of that might be able to help you.  Next, follow up on every one of the suggestons -- including contacting local churches.

It may be too late for any legal recourse regardng the person who sold you the home. But it could be worth finding a nearby Legal Aid office to see if they will help or refer you to someone else.

Please do read that article. If you live an a rural area you might be eligible for a grant from the Department of Agriculture and the article explains that. Also if you are taking care of your daughter you might be able to get paid for your services. Take a look at a review of -- particularly the section titled Financial Aid for Family Caregivers. That could help you get some extra income!

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