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Are there any grants for public school to acquire technology?

asked 2014-09-02 18:24:58 -0800

Joanne gravatar image

Are there any grants for public school districts to acquire 15 tablets for the purpose of health care documentation as part of the student's electronic record? The tablets would be used by school nurses.

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answered 2014-09-02 18:25:34 -0800

fgcguy gravatar image

That sounds like a great idea. I have two suggestions for you. The first is to check out this quick guide to the Federal Register to do a thorough search for relevant grants being offered by the federal government. The second is to do a basic internet search for local grants being awarded in conjunction with the rollout of Obamacare. Just search using “health care” and the name of your county and/or state and/or local district. Many states are receiving hundreds of million of dollars as a result of the “Affordable Health Care Act” to use in a very wide variety of ways related to health care.

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