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I am looking for re-entry assistance grants after being locked up for 21 years

asked 2016-04-10 11:36:38 -0700

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updated 2016-04-11 20:17:37 -0700

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I would like to know what grants or other assistance is available to help me:

     acquire a vehicle for commuting to/from a potential job; 

     acquire a laptop for going to college either on campus or online;

     assist in continuing medications for controlling pain related to hip based disability;

     to pay any other relevant bills during the timeframe that it takes me to acquire a job.

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answered 2016-04-10 14:27:22 -0700

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Wow, I'm sure the world is a very different place from what you were used to before prison. Congratulations on completing your time. Please take a look at this article about Grants for Felons as it reviews programs that are availalbe to ex-offenders and you might find some useful resources there. Also go to and fill out the (rather lengthy) questionnaire -- it's a government site and the results it gives you will be all the benefits you're entitled to from the government. Hope those help!

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