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How to obtain funds to start a private security firm

asked 2015-11-07 01:01:07 -0800

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updated 2015-11-10 13:52:14 -0800

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  I would like to know how to access funds or grants and other information to start a private security firm. I would like to take on contracts that others might not have the standards to complete. I can and will do anything to protect, do research, or anything necessary to make sure the contractees or employers are more than satisfied whether it means hands on or hard obtained research there is nothing that can not or will not be completed with proper funding and guidance.

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answered 2015-11-10 13:58:15 -0800

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Sounds like a good goal. We assume that you have the necessary experience and qualifications to do this type of work. Each state has its own requirements for this type of business and you will need to apply for the licensing required by your state. And of course you will also have to pass a background check. 

With regard to funding we are not aware of any grants aimed specifically at starting security firms. But there are plenty of resources out there for those wishing to start a business of any kind. There's a good review about grants for small businesses here. It is probably a good bet for you to start with the Small Business Administration as they provide not only guidance about getting funding but also the basics required to get any busines up and going.

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