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Are grants available for a well established small business ( 9 employees )?

asked 2015-09-02 17:45:03 -0800

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updated 2015-09-03 15:31:42 -0800

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I own a small business, in the family since 1928. I employ 8 people with families. Most have been with me 25 or more years. I pay all their health insurance. Business is very steady, however it's been hard catching up on bills since the economy tanked in 2008. Are there grants out there for a dedicated company like mine, to help keep all my people employed? In other words, to help my debt, or to purcahse material. Thank you

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answered 2015-09-03 15:41:39 -0800

Keith gravatar image

It sounds like you should be the perfect candidate for small business help: a solid track record and quite a few employees.  You haven't mentioned where you live but there should be a business center of the Small Business Administration somewhere in your area. They can help you get everything in order if you want to try for a business loan guaranteed by the SBA, which would have a lower than average rate.

There are also some grants out there for small businesses -- though loans are much more plentiful. The best review we've seen of different programs available to help small business is here (Grants for Small Business). 

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Thank you very much for your response, I'll look into SBA tomorrow.

lockout222 ( 2015-09-07 15:01:32 -0800 )edit