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I received a phone call saying I was approved for a grant. Real?

asked 2014-09-01 18:28:36 -0800

Monty gravatar image

I recieved a phone call yesterday from a company stating that I was approved for a grant. I just would like to verify the company is true and real. The company's name is Human Healthcare Services at the HHS Tower in D.C. and the contact person was Angela Jones at 202-47*-3941.

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answered 2014-09-01 18:29:27 -0800

fgcguy gravatar image

I strongly doubt that was a legitimate call. The government DOES NOT call to tell you that you have qualified for a grant, and I don't know of any groups that do so, especially if you have not submitted an application. Most frequently these are scams and people are trying to get you to send money and/or get you to give them your personal information. Please NEVER give them such information, and do not send them any money thinking that you will receive a “grant.” It just doesn't happen that way. Important: read this quick article about Free Money Phone Call Scams so that you will not fall for one of these calls!

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answered 2015-01-21 10:50:13 -0800

updated 2015-01-21 16:29:25 -0800

Webmaster gravatar image

Me too! I received a phone call just now from there. I was approved. I would to verify. Call me please. He called AJ369ID number. Call me again. I wanna clear. Please, you have my number.

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