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2019-04-07 17:41:31 -0700 asked a question Are there grants to start a Music Therapy program in public schools in Indiana?

Indiana is one of the few states that do not pay for Music Therapy services within the public school systems.  There are a very few individuals receiving music therapy services but only through the Medicaid Waiver program.  I have a Music Therapy degree and an Elementary Education degree.  I would like to combine these degrees and provide one year of Music Therapy services in the elementary schools of the Hamilton Southeastern Schools in Fishers, Indiana, where I am currently employed as a teacher.  

Indiana has generally been behind the mental health services.  I would like the opportunity to provide services for students already identified with diagnoses and IEP goals to help them become more successful in academic, behavioral, social, emotional, and mental health progress.  Services would include assessment, tailored behavior analysis and music therapy activities to achieve these non-music goals.  Activities would be held outside the classroom and eventually within to promote generalization of these skills.

Is there help for the public school system in Indiana?