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2020-01-06 20:38:42 -0700 commented question Please cancel my membership.

There are no paid memberships at All website content is free.

2019-05-13 17:04:30 -0700 commented answer How do I apply for a grant for removing residential asbestos?

Please post your question at

2019-05-13 17:03:21 -0700 edited answer How do I apply for a grant for removing residential asbestos?

We are not aware of Ohio grants specifically for a homeowner to remove asbestos. However, they may exist. I would recommend that you start by contacting the Ohio Department of Health Asbestos Program - you can email them at ASBESTOS at If they can’t help you they might be able to refer you to the right person or department.

2019-01-14 17:38:52 -0700 edited answer Are there any grants to replace a roof on our home?

There may be some grants and certainly other financial assistance programs you could benefit from. My first suggestions is to contact your county's Area Agency on Aging and ask about assistance funds you could be eligible for based on the Older Americans Act. 

Contact the county Area Agency on Aging to find out about home modification and repair funds provided by the Older Americans Act.

Also check out the information provided in this review of Grants for Seniors.

2018-12-29 10:29:36 -0700 asked a question Is this a test 2?

This is a test (part 2).

2018-12-29 10:25:36 -0700 asked a question Is this a test?

This is a test.

2018-12-17 21:36:05 -0700 commented question I need a contact number to talk with. I'm already approved.

Can you provide more information? Looks like a scam.

2018-12-17 21:28:34 -0700 edited answer Where do I get funding to train service dog?

Have you checked with the Assistance Dog United Campaign? They provide assistance specifically for the disabled to get financial help to obtain and/or train service dogs.

2017-09-04 21:35:13 -0700 commented question Will the US government call and offer you a free grant if you have not applied for it?

No. Beware of scams.

2017-08-28 21:05:14 -0700 commented question Is this grants of usa?

We are not "grants of usa". We do not maintain any kind of "main frame".

2017-07-03 21:36:00 -0700 edited answer Grants to fix up three-family home in New York?

You may be able to do that. If your income is 80% of the county's medium income or less and you live in the home, then you could apply to the Western Catskills Community Revitalizatioin Council. They provide grants for home repairs in your area.  

You could also check out the information in this article about Grants for Home Repair though it isn't specific to your community.

2017-06-12 17:11:01 -0700 commented answer Why do you have to pay a fee for a grant that you were awarded?

That is a scam. Do not participate. did not call you.

2017-03-20 20:55:05 -0700 edited question Grants for re-education/starting new business


2017-03-20 20:52:04 -0700 edited answer Grants for a wheelchair accessible mini van?

This is a tough situation I know. Do you belong to a church or other faith community? Sometimes they will help make your need known and take up a collection -- you might be surprised how generous people can be.

You can also check this review of the government site. There have unfortunately been changes to the site and it is no longer as helpful as it once was. However, it should get you do a site that contains links to resoures for people with disabilities.

You should also take a look at a site called Mobile Works. It will let you click on the state you live in and it will tell you what grans and assistance programs are available where you live.

2016-12-19 14:30:32 -0700 asked a question Test Question

This is a test.

2016-11-21 21:10:21 -0700 edited question Where can I get a grant home improvement application?

I need replacement windows, a roof, an additional room, porch repair, and deck repairs. I want to apply for a home repair grant. Where can I get a grant home improvement application?

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2016-11-02 16:38:46 -0700 edited answer Is there any grant out there that can help me and my two roommates?

That's a tough one.

Three places I would recommend you look:

See and check out this good review of You and each of your roommates should complete the questionnaire on that site to see if there are any benefits you're eligible for that you were not aware of;

Grants for Housing: is another useful resource, it provides a summary of all different kinds of housing options for those who need help; and

Grants for Single Moms could lead you to some resources your single mom roommate could benefit from.

2016-10-31 11:22:52 -0700 edited answer Can anyone give me advice on who to go to about getting a voucher for my psychiatric service dog?

Kendall started a Go Fund Me campaign for a Psychiatric service dog. Please share and support her campaign.

2016-10-31 11:21:05 -0700 answered a question Can anyone give me advice on who to go to about getting a voucher for my psychiatric service dog?


2016-10-24 14:39:07 -0700 edited answer How may I get help?

Tough situation. 

Perhaps this possibility is too obvious but  ---  how about the VA? If you haven't checked out what they might offer lately you should take a look at this review of and how you might be able to use it.

Another website that we know to be excellent is  discussed in this review of They update it daily, navigatioin is pretty straightforward and they can identify resources right down to your local area.

Regarding your utilities, take a look at the discussion of utilities and bills in this article about Low Income Help.

Finally, I would do an internet search for a term like "help for Disabled vets."  You never know when you might find a nonprofit or other program near you that could be able to help you.

2016-10-10 10:57:14 -0700 asked a question This is a test.

This is a test.

2016-10-03 11:56:31 -0700 edited answer Are there grants to open a longterm care facility?

That is a great goal and I admire your determination. It is very clear that a lot of seniors could use your services! It won’t be easy to get started but here are some ideas about where and how to begin:



Residential care facilities are regulated by different entities and requirements in each state. A good place to start is with your own state — probably first with the health department, and then see if they direct you to a more specialized agency. 

-To be eligible to receive federal funds you would have to be in compliance with state regulations, and be familiar and in accordance with the Nursing Home Reform Act and the Patient Self Determination Act. 

Also search for “Grants” on your state’s web site to see if they offer grants to support this type of venture. And try searching the federal government’s site about grants — this is a good review of along with step by step instructions for searching for specific types of grants. 

2016-09-19 21:52:26 -0700 edited question I need help with moving expense.

My lease is up in 3 months and want to move to Vero Beach. I am recovering from near fatal MVA which left me with serious medical problems. I don't have any money to hire a moving co. Is there any help or loan available for hardship like mine. I am on S.S.D. and in need of moving expenses.

I am at the worst hardship ever in my life. I currently live in a old, falling apart 1 bedroom apt. for $1145. monthly and found a nice clean property in Vero Beach but I don't have any money to hire a moving co. My health & injuries from near fatal MVA on 9/5/2015 make it impossible to work any sort of job, unless I owned a computer. I need to move out within 3 months. I am stressing that I won't be able to move from this unsafe overpriced dump. Please contact me with any possibilities to get help moving.

2016-07-17 21:50:43 -0700 edited answer I need help for double-wide home improvements.

So sorry for your predicament Elen!

It sounds pretty urgent for you to get your repairs done soon. There is a group called Rebuilding Together that provides home repair services for the elderly and disabled -- you qualify on both counts! You can read more about them in this article about Grants for Home Repair, and you could also do an internet search to see if you find them in your area. I would recommend you do both!

Also see the government site that provides a ton of information for people with disabilities -- this is a good guide to disability .gov 

You might also check with local churches to see if they have a ministry that serves the elderly. 

2016-07-17 21:32:09 -0700 edited question I have two boys with aspergers and need help with the expense of their therapy animals.

I have two boys that are on the autism spectrum. Diagnosed as aspergers.

We live on 11 acres but my marriage is failing. My husband is In the military, they are more the "fix it or forget it" people. My sons and I have therapy horses and other rescued animals to help them deal with life. Due to circumstances I will be unable to afford them. I am looking for a grant to possibly help.

 I have two boys with aspergers and need help with the expense of their therapy animals.

2016-07-04 11:19:56 -0700 edited answer Are there grants for kidney donors?

There are, Gregory, but they are limited. You should contact the National Kidney Foundation to get help specific to your case -- you can reach them at or by email at address.

You might also try telling your story and seeing if you can get help from the public at large on a site like It is for people going through things like this as well as other major life events -- like crowdfunding for personal needs. You can find out more about it and other similar sites in this article Free Money 2015.

2016-07-04 11:16:16 -0700 edited answer Are there grants to buy a home?

I don't know what city you're in, but if I may suggest going into your local library, or contact your local library. Ask who would be the best person to speak with regarding grants? The person that actually knows about grants. The person that can guide you to find what you're looking for or give you the ins, and outs, the ups, and downs. Just my suggestion. Best to you.


2016-05-05 13:43:53 -0700 edited question Need Medication removed from 2016 Medicare D Formulary!

I answered this question already. I desperately need medication I've been on for years, but AARP Preffered RX hasONCE AGAIN Greatly Increased Premium, ans simultaneusly removed 3 medications from 2016 Formulary. Was Told to ask for Exception...PCP did this 2x, and I' am still being denied, and without the medicine, I get acute musle spasms; night or day, due to compromised spinal nerves. There are copious records of me being on a musle relaxant (the best is Metaxalone--but Very $$).

I am stressed and afraid of these acutely painful & random spasms.......Do I Need a Pro-Bono lawyer to get the medicine I need? I'm already experiencing intense spasms...they do not care, and are putting me in medical Jeopardy, allowing Intense pain, without a solid nights sleep.

What do I do?


2016-03-10 12:35:02 -0700 commented question Do I have to pay money through Western Union to receive a grant?

Sorry, that's a scam. Read more about Phone Calls Scams for Grants. Report it to the FTC if you have details.

2016-02-25 17:07:50 -0700 edited answer How do I get grants for the homeless?

Many states and cities have access to funds from Block Grants provided by the federal government for community development. If you are a nonprofit - or if you could partner with one --  you would be in a good position to apply for some of those funds. Take a look at your state's website and search for grants to see what might be available. You can also check out and do a search specifying  your Eligibility category. And you can get some good tips specifically about finding housing assistance here.

2016-02-16 13:51:07 -0700 edited question Two disabled people need immediate help!

We need housing and are disabled. Is there financial and medical assistance?

I would like to buy, might be infectious, need help. Is there any help for infusions and functional doctor visits?

We need immediate assistance. Is there any? 

We are completely out of money. Two disabled people need immediate assistance for medical and caring assistance and financial help?