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Looking for a grant for my elderly mom for home repairs?

asked 2016-05-15 13:43:48 -0800

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updated 2016-05-16 21:43:05 -0800

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My father passed away in March 2016 so mom is left alone with reduced fixed income. The house needs a full bathroom, plumbing renovation and is unuseable at this point. Also the house is termite infested and needs attention. Due to my dad's illness he was unable to maintain the home for several years. Can you suggest any available grants in the Miami, Fl area?

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answered 2016-05-17 13:57:06 -0800

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Sorry about your mom's situation.  The previous answer is correct, there are lots of government and private programs that help people with home repairs these days. This article about grants for home repair gives a good overview about what's available and also gives you some tips about how to find them in your area.  Definitely take a look at it and follow up on some of those leads. 

Also, if your mom belongs to a church that can be a good place to start. Some churches have volunteer groups that help the elderly in their area with repairs and renovations. So if she's not part of a church you could still contact other churches --- any of them might be able and willing to help and/or they could probably refer you to local programs and assistance. 

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