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Are there any grants to help with car repairs and tax relief debt?

asked 2016-04-23 18:16:26 -0800

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updated 2016-05-02 20:33:57 -0800

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I am looking for grants to help me with my car repairs and tax relief debt and other bills. Are there any grants to help with car repairs and tax relief debt?

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answered 2016-04-27 12:15:01 -0800

Daniel gravatar image

1. Check out this article about getting help. You may have tried a lot of things but you will probably find some resources here that you didn't know about - and it will help you make sure that you are getting all the benefits you're entitled to It will take some effort but  anything worthwhile does, right? 

2. Find a local Community Services Agency and see what support they might be able to provide. They typcially provide food and clothing to low income people and don't require that you have kids to get help. That could save you some cash you could use to pay off bills. Also take a look at the churches in your area (even consider going to chruch!).

3. See this article about grants to pay bills. There aren't really "grants" for this purpose but this article will point you to some useful resources and also ideas about how to bring more cash into your life...

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