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Are there government grants that individuals that are homeless can apply for?

asked 2016-04-20 19:57:39 -0800

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Due to a domestic violence I have been rendered homeless. The state where I reside has a different definition for homeless than that of the federal goverment. My state of WV definition considers a shelter to be a means of residence and if you have family nearby they are considered support (which is not true in my case). Due to our mass population of homeless people we have a mass amount of shelters. the age of 43 I can be what I consider to be a shelter hopper, or I can l move to a different state and live on the streets for thirity days. As a single white female neither of these ideas are conventional. I also noticed that when applying for a job, no matter how qualified you are, the minute you tell them you are living in a shelter they no longer want to talk to you. No job, no money, no rental.

Moreover, to make my situation worse I have been disconnected from my child and he needs me now than ever! My mother obtained custody when this happened for support reasons. But, she really does not have the ability to take care of him. She is seventy-two and her nerves just can't take it. 

I need emergency assistance from the federal government. This assistance is not offered in my state.

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answered 2016-04-26 19:24:43 -0800

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Sorry for your situation Valcor.  The ideal solution would appear to be for you to move in with your mom and your son. It sounds like that might not be an option but maybe you could find a way to make it work. You could pool your benefits and income and maybe find a way to live together for the benefit of the child.

With regard to whether there is a grant out ther for you: the answer depends on what type of grant you are looking for and what organization would provide such a grant. There is a lot of confusion out there about what grants really are, and how they are different from government benefits. There is no place you can go to and get an application that basically just asks for money.

Grants are typically awarded to non-profits or government agencies for very specific purposes that are in the governmenet interest. Benefits are provided by the government for low income or underserved individuals or groups. You can get a clear overview of what kinds of grants are out there and how you find them here. You can also find out how to fill out a questionnaire and find out what government benefits you might be entitled to here.

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