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Are there any grants available in washington state to help with homes in forclosure?

asked 2016-03-12 16:20:42 -0800

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updated 2016-03-19 11:31:31 -0800

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My dad passed away about 2 years ago. They had already missed a tax payment on their home. It is now in forclosure. My mom walked away from it, has no interest in trying to keep it. According to court documents I am a rightful heir to the estate. I would really like to try to save the property. That is what my dad would have wanted. I have bad credit and am unable to get a loan. Is there possibly a program that could help with my situation?

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answered 2016-03-19 11:46:50 -0800

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Sorry for your situation Michele. 

There are actually a number of programs that help people avoid foreclosure, both at the federal level and in Washington state. If you are ready to do some research I've found several resources that could help you:

1. If you have enough income to make monthly payments on a low-cost mortgage you might get help through the HARP program, part of the government's Making Home Affordable outreach. You can learn more about eligibility in this article

2. For Washington state programs the place to go is .  This site says it is a "one stop resource center for homeownership and foreclosure information specifically for Washington residents." If there is a Washing state program that can help you this should be the place to find it!

3. Finally, the Washington State Bar Association and the "Northwest Justice Project" offer free legal assistance to low- and moderate- income homeowners. They are able to do this through the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project.  You can talk to a federally approved non-profit agency for help with getting your home loan modified so you can handle it and they can also refer you to other resources in your area that help with foreclosure prevention.  The phone number to reach this assistance is 1-877-894-4663.

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