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Can someone help me save Jimmy's Home?

asked 2016-03-09 08:40:09 -0800

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updated 2016-03-10 12:38:41 -0800

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 I sent something like this out but the response from 1 person was not positive. So I am doing this on my own I hope my brother Jimmy agrees. Life has been ok. I miss my mom who died a month after my 9th b-day from cancer. She had I think 13 kids. 4 were under age. We went to go live at my mother’s sister’s home. She failed what she promised our mother. She took us for income & other things. I knew love & honesty with my mother. I had a soul I was not broken, not even slightly bent. School was no better wearing high waters & only being able to shower once a week did not help our situations. I was bullied so much I still remember the girl’s name. It was her & a few friends. It was over a boy & I still remember his name. When she went to high school because we were a year apart & I was still in junior high I finally was free of her& her friends. But when the year ended& I knew at the end of the summer I would have to be back in the same school with her I prayed that she would forget me.I had knots in my stomach all summer. I would just cry at night hoping I would be just too small for her to notice me, but she did notice& so did her friends. This is what we moved to so we could be farther away from family members.Now my mom’s sister could torture us even more no one could help us now. That was my life as a high school kid living in a dysfunctional family that did things to us that they should have been jailed for. By the time I was of age I felt I had no soul I knew hatred of blacks and gays.I didn't care what people thought of me. I felt worthless. I had no respect for life. I was angry at my mother & god. I used drugs & alcohol until I received a miracle maybe nobody else thought it was but I did. I stopped doing drugs even smoking cigarettes. I had a beautiful baby boy. I was homeless but my oldest sister let me share a room with her. After he was born I stayed for a little while. Then my other sister and her partner (wonderful man, I always dreamed of finding someone like him) got an apartment where I had a room and my son had his room. Things didn't go well. I started to experience emotions that were unbearable till the point I wanted to kill myself. I went into therapy wasn't enough so I was hospitalized. I learned a lot there but knew my life was changing & I knew it was going to be hard. I had severe postpartum depression& posttraumatic stress with anxiety. I was a mess. Still am.Anyways the story is ... (more)

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answered 2016-03-11 11:45:33 -0800

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Sandra I don't even know where to begin. I wish someone could wave a magic wand and make everything right and allow you to keep the house. But this site is just a platform where people can share information that could help others. I'm afraid there are no grants available that would help people in your situation. The one thing you might try would be to start an online campaign on a crowdfunding site like gofundme or fundrazr. These sites let you tell your story and hopefully get donations from people. Other than that I'm afraid you may not be able to make this dream come true. Personally I find that prayer is always a good thing and maybe it would help you to find a supportive church...

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