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HUD takes 25% of my fixed income for debt. I need help desperately!

asked 2020-04-07 19:37:53 -0700

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updated 2020-04-07 21:04:08 -0700

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I had a second mortgage on my home but Wells Fargo did not disclose who held second mortgage. House was sold but when title company asked for total amount owed, Wells Fargo only gave their payoff and not second mortgage. I asked at closing if all money was disclosed and was told yes. I found out 5 months later that HUD had second mortgage and they began demanding their money (this has been going on for year). I cannot pay this debt since I had to have another place to live. I am currently living in a 16 x 28 rent to own storage building that has no walls, cabinets, an exposed bathroom, and no kitchen. I was hoping to fix up as I lived in it. I am on a fixed income and am 69 years old. They now informed me they will be taking 25% of my monthly income to start paying debt. This will definitely hurt me and I am not sure of my future. Can someone help me or is there a grant that I would be entitled to get rid of this debt?

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answered 2020-04-16 12:19:00 -0700

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That sounds tough. Hopefully you will be receiving a check from the government due to the CARES program in response to the Corona Virus issue. In the meantime see this article about Grants for Seniors -- it details useful resources and sources of financial help.

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