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How do we get funds for a tissue culture laboratory in Pakistan?

asked 2019-06-29 01:03:33 -0700

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updated 2019-07-01 17:16:31 -0700

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We are very active in Pakistan for horticulture activities. Further details can be provided on demand. Kindly, let us know wheter we can get a grant for this project. We are an NGO for horticulture in Pakistan. We wish to establish a Tissue Culture Laboratory in Pakistan. Our Patron in Chief is President of Pakistan. How do we get funds for a tissue culture laboratory in Pakistan?

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answered 2019-07-03 11:58:11 -0700

Scott gravatar image

We do not have a lot of information abuot grants available to organizations in other countries. However, two excellent sources for you to check out to fund your horticulture projects would be first, check out this guide to and see if you can find current or projected grants that would pertain to your business.  Also, contact the U.S. State Department -- they should be able to refer you to any possible sources of funding.

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