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Do you have available grants for home repair/improvement?

asked 2019-06-21 18:37:28 -0800

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updated 2019-06-24 21:09:11 -0800

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I am a low income, disabled, female senior citizen. I have been disabled for 20 years and have never had to ask for help. I have always been able to manage. But now things have changed and I ned help. Do you have available grants for home repair/improvement?

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answered 2019-06-25 14:13:08 -0800

Joe gravatar image

First, we are an information-only platform and don't provide any grants ourselves. We try to provide answers to the questions people have about getting help in many areas. 

Here are some suggestions: first, call your nearest Area Agency on Aging. They are around specifically for people like you, and they can direct you to the most useful local resources. Next, see if there is a local office of Rebuilding Together near you. That organization is nationwide and is dedicated to helping people like yourself with home repairs. Next you could contact local churches -- some have local ministries to help seniors and the disabled with home repairs. Last but not least, take a look at Home Improvement Grants for additional information and advice.

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