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How do I get a grant to start a Early Child Care Development Center?

asked 2019-05-15 13:09:02 -0800

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I'm in Emporia, VA, just off of I-95 but close to the North Carolina border, so very southern Virginia. I'm in Emporia/Greensville, VA. There are 132 school districts in the state of VA and last year, 2017-2018, GCPS (Greensville County Public Schools) ranked 132, the very bottom of schools. Next door to Greensville County, is Southampton County who ranked 16. 

I tried for 3 years to open a public charter school here but to no avail. So, I have decided to open a Montessori day care center here, called The G.R.E.A.T.S. (Greensville Regional Education in the Arts, Technology, and the Sciences). The early child care center will enroll children in the 3 to 6 year old range. Montessori believed in multi-aged classes, where older kids serve as mentors to the younger children and the children are together for 3 years with the same teacher.

Later, after the 3 to 6 school is established, The G.R.E.A.T.S. will establish a 0 to 3 year old Montessori day care center. Ideally, we would open both at the same time, but I know I can't afford that.

I am thinking we will specialize in Special Needs children, so as to answer the needs of the public school system for provision of Special Needs care. We will work closely with the teachers in the public schools where children will attend GCPS elementary and pre-schools. 

We will have the 3 year old children for a full year before intermingling the two types of education. They will have a basic knowledge of Montessori and will be able to assemilate easily, hopefully, to the traditional school classroom.

I should mention that my non-profit is called Community Stakeholders Collaborative, Inc. (CSC). CSC is the parent company to The G.R.E.A.T.S. as well as a number of other entities i.e.: a printing company, a bakery, a whole head operation that will be beauty salon, barber shop, hats, wigs, jewelry, cosmetics kind of mini concentrated operation. We also would like to have a credit union. All of these, including The G.R.E.A.T.S., will be like an umbrella under CSC with each spoke being a dba to CSC. Currently, only the printing company and The G.R.E.A.T.S. are established.

So, this is the start for which I need the funding grant.

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answered 2019-05-22 14:01:43 -0800

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Sounds like an admirable set of goals. 

It's very helpful that you are already a 501(c)3! This designation will give you many more opportunities for finding grants. You might first check your state's website to see what kinds of community oriented grants they may have available. Also be sure to check out this article called Grants for Nonprofits.

You might have better luck checking out Grants for Nonprofits. It's aresource for learning more about grants from Foundations as well as from the sate and federal .

Lastly, contact the American Monessori Society -- I'm sure they must have a wide variety of ways that they help those who wish to start a new school.

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