How or where to apply for a new business grant directly?

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I tryed to start my own business a few years ago, but did not get far, due to not having the funds to put out, to make my business, all that it could be.  Also did not have the funds to advertise, etc.  I am interested in restarting my own business.  Its a mobile salon, where a licensed professional comes to your home and performs almost any beauty service of your choice in your home or in my full service slalon on wheels.  I hear that there are grants out there, its just that, they are not easy to find.  Can anyone assist me on where to file for a small business grant directly?

I want to start my own business and I'm told that there are grants for new small businesses.  I have done a trial start up with my business, to see if this is something that people would want to take advantage of.  The business that I want to fully get up and running is a mobile salon.  This mobile salon would offer just about every beauty service that people go to the salons to have done.  From Spray tanning, makeup, hair, nails and so much more. I did pretty good, but could not continue, due to not having the funds to truly get everything that I need to run a full service mobile salon.  Can anyone direct me to where I can file for a grant for new small businesses directly?  It seems that everytime I think that I have found where I can apply, it directs me some place else.  I would truly appreciate any assistance that you could give to me and even any suggestions would be awsome.

How or where to apply for a new business grant directly?

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