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Are there grants for new home construction with recycled components?

asked 2019-03-18 05:34:16 -0800

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updated 2019-03-18 20:40:20 -0800

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I want to build a new home using as many recycled plastic components as possible. Are there any grants available to offset the increased cost of recycled components? Are there grants for new home construction with recycled components?

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answered 2019-03-19 12:08:11 -0800

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We are not aware of any grants specifically for this purpose. There are some that are specifically for nonprofit organizations that are officially 501(c)3's. You could check the government website and do a search for this type of grant --- you can lget some good tips on how to use the site as an individual in this article about

Though we don't know of grants there might be a lot of support out there for you from like-minded people who want to help promote this type of project. Crowdfunding could be an excellent option for you to tell your story and get others to help fund your project. Learn more about using crowdfunding for personal needs.

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