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Is there help to remove a big tree from our yard?

asked 2018-09-20 21:55:03 -0800

updated 2018-09-24 20:56:55 -0800

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I have a big tree in my back yard that needs to be cut down. When the wind blows or it snows the tree branches break and fall on our roof. It has already damaged one of our gutters on the side of my house and it also fills our gutter as well. Both my husband and I are seniors. I am hoping you can cut the tree down. I have a big tree and I need to have it cut down. The braches break and fall on my roof. And it fills my gutter up. Both my husband and I are seniors and cannot cut the tree down. And I can not afford to pay to have it cut down. I hope you can help. Is there help to remove a big tree from our yard?

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answered 2018-10-04 13:10:48 -0800

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There are some resources that could be available to you. Go to this article about Grants for Seniors and scroll down to the section titled Senior Benefits. In the second paragraph there's some great information about a useful tool sponsored by the National Council on Aging. You enter your zip code and some other information about your age, income, etc and the topic you’re concerned with and it will generate a personalized report for you about resources available.

Hope that helps!

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