Why is Ocwen Federal Bank, still allowed to practice business? [closed]

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Ocwen Federal Bank, (New Century Mortgage, was preceeded by Ocwens, predatory practices)has been sued by thousands of Homeowners, over the past several years, for ILLEGAL foreclosing procedures, and ILLEGAL business practices, all over the U.S, and lost, having to pay back billions, for their tactics. Unfortunately, I was one of their victims, but did not receive compensation, for their deliberate errors. They are the original, equity note holder of $25K, and have now, submitted, a payoff amount of $119K for the same note! My home is not even worth, $80K, let alone $119K! They informed me if I did not qualify, with their payoff contract, they will commence foreclosure proceedings, by 2/10/2016! If this were a mom and pop business, and the proprietors, were scamming consumers, of millions of dollars, I guarantee, they would of been forced to shut down. I believe, that Ocwen, since they did not, follow proper stipulations, on their own contract, per loan and housing laws, that they themselves, breech their own contract, and theirs become null and void! Now i will have to pay again, with my home? Is this legal, and we no it isn't justice, but how can they still practice, any type of business, if after all that, they are still following their vulcher predatory practices, AGAIN!!!!!!!


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