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Are there grants for home remodel to support disability?

asked 2018-04-23 06:20:26 -0800

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updated 2018-04-23 22:21:19 -0800

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My husband fell 3 months ago. He is still numb from chest down and has to use a wheelchair. I am asking to see if I could get a grant to work on our house for him to be able to get into bathrooms, our bedroom, kitchen, etc.  I am wanting to make this new adventure we have an easier one for him.  We have a bi-level home and thick carpets.  After 51 days of PT rehab he finally got to come home and it has been really rough on us both. Workmans comp WILL NOT help. They even denied a wheelchair.  We are using a loaner from rehab center.  How do I go about getting help? Are there grants for home remodel to support disability?

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answered 2018-04-24 09:59:36 -0800

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There are some grants to help people in your situation. They vary quite a bit from state to state so the first place you should check is your state's website. See the article Disability Grants to learn more and get some tips and how to find grants from local agencies which get grant awards from the state to help folks who are disabled make the necessary accommodations in their home.

With regard to the wheelchair -- if you are a member of a church you might check to see if they loan out any medical equipment like wheelchairs. And do an internet church for a term like "wheelchair loan" and see if there is a local program or agency that lends wheelchairs to those who need them.

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