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Are there federal grants to train my dog to be a service dog?

asked 2017-10-05 13:20:15 -0800

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I will be 64 on November 1st.  My only income is SSI.  On January 30, 2015 I had Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery with Utensels (Metal to fuse my spine) C2 to T4. When I awoke from surgery I was told they also put a metal rod in my neck to help support my neck.

Now I cannot look up or down and I can only look left and right just enough to keep mt drivers liecence. I am now considered a 'Fall Risk' Your head and neck go a long way in keeping your balance. I have already fallen once and in doing so loosened 2 screws hold the top plate that is holding the rod in place in my neck.

Since I can't look down I need to be able to see at least 3 feet ahead of me. The worst thing is going down stairs I've never gone down and especially if there is no hand rail. The same is true when walkin across a street. I don't know how far a drop it is to the street level.

They have 'Service Dogs' for people who are fall risks. I have a 8 month old puppy that I've been told would make me an excellent service dog. But he would have to be trained both has a dog that can help me up if I fall and can't get up as well as a dog that can let me know if somthing is in my way or how far down each step is on a staircase.

As I get older the better the chances of me falling. Are there grants or help for people like me. I don't want to be put in a nursing home at my age. I'm too young. My only income is SSI. Are there any grants available to pay for training a dog to be a Service Dog?

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answered 2017-10-11 14:09:30 -0800

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Wow, it would be great if your own dog could become your service dog! There is a group called the assistance Dog United Campaign. They help people to get and/or train service dogs and they have program grants available if you are disabled and need some financial help. Hope this will help:   Assistance Dog United Campaign.

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