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How do I find a grant to help fund renovations for our feral cat sanctuary. We are now 501c3 non-profit.

asked 2015-11-18 18:34:08 -0800

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updated 2015-11-23 17:12:10 -0800

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Our non-profit organization, Community Feral Cat Rescue, was organized to help reduce the feral cat population in our communities without destroying the animal. We employ TNR (Trap,Neuter,Return) as our primary effort to end feral cat overpopulation and feline abuse.

Once an animal is vetted, it is evaluated to determine if it can be returned to it's former residence in safety. If not, it remains on the sanctuary property to live out it's life. Special needs cats are never returned to their former living arrangements if their injury would expose them to life threatening situations. Injuries that have caused them to lose a limb, while not life threatening in itself would expose the animal to situations that could place it in danger as well as blindness or deafness. 

The barn renovations would ideally house several animals in various stages. It would provide housing for permanent residents, an "incubator" of sorts for bottle babies and juveniles waiting for adoption, and the third barn is for the infirmary that would house senior or sick cats that need quiet space.

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answered 2015-11-21 09:32:42 -0800

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Wow, Marjie, that sounds like a very worthwhile project. It's great that you are an offiial 501c3 as that will dramatically increase the number of grants that could be available to you. One place to start is -- it can look a bit overwhelming but it's the best way to search all currently available government grants. Be sure to use the filters so that you only search for grants that non-profits are eligible for. You can get some good advice about using here.

Another good source for information is the Foundation Center. They maintain extensive databases on all grants available from private foundations and corporations and such. You should check the libraries near you to see if they provide access to those directories. You can also subscribe yourself online but it can be expensive. Learn more about the Foundation Center's resources as well as more info about types of grants and where to find them here.

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Thank you Marie. I will check the information you provided.

Marjie ( 2015-11-22 08:28:04 -0800 )edit