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Our tiny community needs a riding lawn mower.

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When we moved to a retirement village of approximately 530 homes three years ago there was an 18 hole golf course with a clubhouse in the center of town. There was also four restaurants, a motel, a bank and an auto supply store. Three restaurants, the bank, motel, and the auto supply story have subsequently closed. The closest towns of any size with grocery stores and hospitals are at least 35 miles away.

The golf course/country club also closed .leaving the center of town with knee-high grass home to mice, rats, and other vermin. It's not only dibilitated it's unhealthy. I am hoping to get a grant for a riding lawn mower so that some of the elderly gentlemen and women that live here would be able to cut the grass. Not only would this drive out the disease ridden rodents it would add some much needed value to our whole community.

Anxiously awaiting your response. Thank you.

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answered 2017-03-25 14:54:30 -0800

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That sounds like a great idea. A few suggestions for you:

1. I don't know where you are located but your county and/or state may have some community development funds available from block grants from the federal government. An internet search for grants along with the name of your state and county might help you identify them. 

2. Are you familiar with "crowdfunding"? It's a way of telling your story online and raising money from the general public for your cause or project. If you have some residents who know how to tell a good story and have access to a computer, the crowdfunding sites make it pretty easy to set up a campaign. Learn more about them in this article about sources of free money -- it's from 2015 but most of the information is still good. 

3. You might also get some local public support by writing a letter to the nearest newspaper that explains your situtation and what you're trying to do. The nearest dealer of a riding mower might like to get some good public relations by helping you out!

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