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Are there federal grants for an experienced landlord to establish a landlords organization in chicago?

asked 2015-09-11 17:01:33 -0800

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I find that a lot of landlords are not aware of the in & outs of the court system and what rights they have. The tenants have a grant in Cook County Illinois that allows them to speak to a free attorney if they are being evicted before their case is called before the Judge. I want a grant to establish the same access to a free attorney for the landlords that are in court.

*** Update Sep 17, 2015

Hello Nancy, thank you for your response and suggestions. As there are so many tenants trying to live in apartments without paying their rent these days, it is cost prohibitive for landlords to hire attorneys for the number of times this occurs unfortunately. The landlord at the same time is providing heat, water, shelter etc as agreed by the lease while the tenant is trying to live rent free!

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answered 2015-09-17 08:44:59 -0800

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That's certainly an interesting approach! I think your chances of finding such a grant are very slim. I'm not familiar with any and typically landlords are viewed as being in the power position and able to hire their own lawyers. That may not be the factual, but it's the way things are. The tenants in Cook County probably have their grant as the result of a block grant given to the state for community support with a focus on those with considered to be low income.

Two suggestions for you to try and find some reinforcements and support: (1) contact your local chamber of commerce and see if they know of any such grant or of organizations for landlords; and (2) check out -- they offer information, advice and networking opportunities for landlords.

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