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I have asked my question but still do not know how to get a grant.

asked 2015-08-09 07:53:52 -0800

Scott Knowlton gravatar image

how do I go about getting a grant being disabled.I have not heard this.All I want is to start a business.that at the end of the day it helps everyone.

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answered 2015-08-11 08:58:05 -0800

Linda gravatar image

Yes, Scott, I see that your question has been addressed a few times. I'm not sure how much more information folks can provide. It sounds like a great idea to start a business that will help everyone and we hope you are successful. Starting a business is a big project that requires some know-how and of course some funds. There are lots of guides available to help you do that and some of the best come from the Small Business Administration. They have a guide specifically designed for disabled people who want to start a business, and you can find it by clicking here. You can also get grea information on all topics -- including starting a business - at the government site

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