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I need help with home repairs and household bills. I'm the sole provider for my family of 4.

asked 2015-07-21 18:13:38 -0800

I own a home in Redford MI. The roof has a hole in it above the garage, the basement is has a leek, the plumbing needs some work, the electrical needs updating, and the front step hand rail is rusted and falling apart. I'm also falling behind on my bills.  I need about 7.5k to 10k to catch up and make the repairs that have to be done.  I only make $11.00 an hour but work as much over time as I can get. I normally make about 27k a year, before taxes.  The past two winters hit me really hard and now my electric bill is over $200 per month with a balance I've managed to get under $2,000.00.  I need some real help and I can't get, or afford a loan.  My email is if anyone knows where I can get the help my family so desperately needs.

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answered 2015-07-25 10:50:13 -0800

Tim gravatar image

I'm sorry for your situation and admire your work ethic. 

My number one suggestion for you is to go talk to your local housing agency. In some areas they make emergency grants for home repairs, especially when safety is an issue. If they can't provide a grant they would be in the best position to direct you to other sources of help. Also take a look at the answer on this site to the person who is looking for money to relocate and get a better job --- the answer has some good ideas about affordable loans and raising more cash. 

You might also find some useful resources here.

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