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I got a phone call from the National Institute of Health: is it legit?

asked 2015-05-13 11:52:26 -0800

Sammy gravatar image

updated 2015-05-21 09:34:55 -0800

Nancy gravatar image

I got a call from the above saying I got free grant money and they want me to pay $275.00 before I can get the money.

The person told that it was refundable. But before I can get the money I have to send the money to them first.  Is this true or is a con



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answered 2015-05-21 09:37:12 -0800

Nancy gravatar image

Sammy thank you for asking -- a very smart thing to do! 

This is a total SCAM,  DO NOT send them any money! No one from the government including the National Institute of Health will ever call you about winning a grant you didn't know about. And you DON'T have to pay for real grants.

Please go directly to this article about phone call scams and learn how to detect them and what you should do about it.

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