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I need a grant for a home remodel

asked 2015-04-02 19:00:47 -0700

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updated 2015-04-07 18:06:46 -0700

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I am 65 and disabled. I am looking for a grant to remodel my home to create living space so my mother can move in. She is 87 and blind. My income is poverty level but I do have assets. I would like to apply for assistance funds. Where can I find a grant to remodel my home?



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answered 2015-04-07 18:15:31 -0700

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Your mother is lucky you are looking out for her, sounds like you both have a lot to handle. There are some great places you can look for assistance. Here is an excellent article about Grants for Home Repair that covers everything from government assistance to a private foundation that is helping seniors in local communities across the nation. There are also details about a nonprofit started by congress to help upgrade and remodel homes as well.

Since you are disabled and your elderly mom probably has very special needs, you should also definitely check into resources offered on the government's site for the disabled and their caregivers. It is updated daily and has a ton of good information on it. They also make it pretty easy to get around but if you're interested there's a good guide to here. 

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