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Are there grants to build a cafeteria for a nonprofit organization?

asked 2016-12-14 06:05:14 -0800

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updated 2016-12-26 15:04:50 -0800

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We are a nonprofit organization that serves youth ages 6-18. Often these children go home with little or no food, especially a hot meal. We are looking for funds to build a cafeteria not only for the youth we serve but for their familie and the community as well. We serve over 180 kids every day. Are there  grants  to build a cafeteria for a nonprofit organization?

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answered 2016-12-14 14:58:15 -0800

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Sounds like a very worthy cause. Here are some suggestions about where to look for help:

- Do an internet search of community development grants available for your city/county/state. Often the states have block grants that let them support this kind of activity.

- Check out this article about grants for nonprofits. It will give you some good tips about how to go about finding government as well as private and foundation grants.

- Take a look at the tomsofmaine website and their program called "50 states for good." They support programs that "do good in their communities" and in 2015 they provided $20,000 to grassrotts nonprofits in each state in the U.S. Their 2016 program isn't until the fall but that gives you plenty of time to put together an application. Online nominations will probably be open in the summer.

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Thanks all of you I will try all of your suggestions, however, if you know of anything else please do not hesitate to let me know. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

liz ( 2016-12-19 14:23:51 -0800 )edit