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Are there mobile home repair grants for Vietnam Veterans?

asked 2014-12-31 17:47:18 -0800

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updated 2015-01-07 14:15:15 -0800

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I am a Vietnam Veteran on disability. I am looking for a home improvement grant to replace leaky windows in our mobile home. I need help. The Social Security and VA Disability Pension that I receive is not enough to cover the costs. Are there mobile home repair grants for veterans?

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answered 2015-01-07 14:23:51 -0800

Denise gravatar image

The answer depends on what state you live in. You'll have much better luck finding help locally than at the national level. Reach out to these places first:

Also consider a home loan or home equity line of credit to finance the repairs. With the current low interest rates you may negotiate a manageable monthly payment.

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answered 2015-01-07 14:26:03 -0800

fgcguy gravatar image

You can find more information about HUD, FHA, and USDA programs in an article about Grants for Home Repair at the Free Grants Community.

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