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Are there grants to become a professional dog trainer?

asked 2014-12-01 23:24:23 -0800

updated 2014-12-05 09:36:13 -0800

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I am a 52 year old female, a survivor of domestic abuse, and I am looking for a grant to allow me to attend a school for professional dog trainers in North Carolina. (I live in Arkansas). I have scoured the internet but have found nothing. Can anybody please help me?

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I have tried to fill out the fafsa, but they ask for a school code from their list and the school I want to attend is not on the list ...

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answered 2014-12-05 09:41:08 -0800

Doris gravatar image

Not every school is eligible for FAFSA funding. Only nationally-accredited schools that offer specific degree programs can apply for this designation from the federal government. Looks like your school has not gone through this process of accreditation. It's a difficult process so it's not uncommon for smaller schools.

Two options for you:

  1. Contact the school and ask whether they provide or are aware of any scholarship opportunities. They should be very knowledgeable about ways to fund tuition.
  2. As a survivor of domestic abuse, there is a network of agencies that are available to help you. Try contacting those agencies and see if they can affirm your dreams and goals with assistance toward your tuition.
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answered 2014-12-02 16:54:16 -0800

fgcguy gravatar image

updated 2014-12-05 09:35:22 -0800

Webmaster gravatar image

The best place for you to start is to apply for federal financial aid. There is no age limit, and those attending career schools are eligible as well as colleges and universities. There is one gateway to all government student aid and that is the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It also is key to eligibility for state aid and many scholarships. To apply (free!), simply go to (DO NOT go to fafsa .com -- it is NOT the government site. Many people will try to trick you into paying them to help you -- you do not have to do that. Learn more background information at Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

You should also speak to the office at the training school you want to attend. They should know of other potential sources of financial aid and perhaps have information about scholarships.

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