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Are grants available for a married woman with children?

asked 2016-07-25 23:06:00 -0800

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updated 2016-07-26 17:37:21 -0800

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 Are there grants available for a 37 year old woman with children? I want to go to beauty school to be a nail technician.

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answered 2016-07-26 17:44:43 -0800

Scott gravatar image

There are definitely grants for anyone who wants to go to college OR to a vocational school or trade school! They're called Pell Grants and all you have to do is be low-income and fill out the application! This article about Pell Grants will tell you more --- and this quick Pell Grant Quiz will let you now quickly if you could qualify.

You might also so a search in your local area (state/county/city) to see if there might be grants available for "women in transition" --- i.e., those going back to school to learn a new vocation.

Best of luck to you!

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