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Are there any grants for home repair in Texas for single mom's?

asked 2014-09-24 12:12:33 -0800

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I'm in my late forties; single mom with a new born baby boy. I own my own house and it needs repairs. I live week-to-week by paycheck. Are there any grants for home repair in Texas for a single mom like me?

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Some assistance options vary by city. Is there a large-ish city that you live near?

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answered 2014-09-24 16:39:54 -0800

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Congratulations on your new baby boy! That sounds exciting. Hope he is healthy and you're on the way to a full recovery.

Texas has a number of options for help with home repair. Without knowing the nearest city/county it's hard to get really specific. But here's some state-wide agencies that should help:

  • 211 Texas - You can call 211 from your phone to speak to someone about the services that may be available to you. Online there's a section for home improvement and accessibility that lists home repair.
  • The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs also has a form you can fill out where you can indicate "home repair" and your city/count to lookup available resources.
  • Hope Now is a service with support and guidance for home owners. They help especially with loan modification which might help reduce the monthly bill. They represent an alliance between lenders and borrowers and are officially encouraged by the Federal Department of the Treasury and HUD.
  • The Consumer Credit Counseling Service has offices in many Texas cities and offers Housing Counseling. They can help you setup a budget to keep your home. At the least they might connect you with other local services.

Let us know if you connect with any of those resources and they help.

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